EarthCoating® is a highly-mineralized resin alternative to plastic coatings which may be used to produce recyclable paper cups, foodservice packaging, labels, POP, etc.


By using EarthCoating® to produce paper cups and foodservice packaging, customers may enjoy an immediate 51% plastic reduction in their packaging. In additional paper packaging made with EarthCoating® is engineered to be easily pulped into recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment. EarthCoating® is now being used around the globe as an eco-alternative to Polyethylene, PLA and other plastic coatings to make paper cups, food trays, folding cartons, labels, liners, corrugated packaging, POP, etc. by large supply chain vendors including CupPrint/Huhtamaki, Detpak, Pureco, Magenta, and others.

Key Benefits

Paper cups and foodservice packaging made with EarthCoating® offer the following benefits compared to conventional plastic coatings: - Immediate 40-51% plastic reduction - Products may be pulped into recycled paper using conventional recycling equipment - Significant cost savings compared to compostable packaging - Superior heat seal and fiber tear - Waterproof, grease proof, barrier performance - Superior print superior (very good ink wet ability, adhesion, etc. - Turn non-bleached substrates into premium bright white packaging - Products made with EarthCoating® are valuable and easy for recyclers to process (resulting in potential end user rebates) - Fully compliant for direct food contact globally - Mitigates the need for dangerous PFOA's


Paper hot/cold cups, paper foodservice packaging, corrugated packaging, liners, labels, POP, folding cartons, flexible packaging and more...

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