A service to help retail brands close the loop on the retail sustainability lifecycle, handling end-of-life retail display materials through Removal, Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle.


Having worked with high-profile brands for almost a decade, we appreciate how important the responsible disposal of branded materials is. At 100% we took on this challenge head first and we can now offer our clients an alternative with our bespoke ReDeploy service.

* Remove – Dismantle and take way end-of-life displays from retail stores across EMEA
* Reuse - Refurbish displays for allocation to secondary stores
* Repurpose - Give a new lease of life to retail displays at end-of-life with a 2nd purpose
* Recycle - Where truly end of life, recycling treatment into raw materials (eg road surface / bio ethanol renewable energy)

Repurpose In-Depth:
Seeking innovative ways to create a 2nd life for end-of use display materials that can be put to use to better the lives of others. This is a bespoke solution for each project, dependent on display substrate, construction, and volume.

Repurpose Examples:
Through a recent project we were able to repurpose old display fixtures to provide school children in India with new desks.
Displays broken down into reusable materials donated to homeless charity for skills development and fund raising from sale of product
Window banners processed into new product (wallet) and sold for charity

The possibilities are endless and often incredibly rewarding! Challenge us – you might be surprised what we can do.

Key Benefits

Environmentally friendly
Socially responsible


Retail display and promotional materials

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