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of Android SMART LED televisions.
Rediffusion a true 100% British brand for electrical and electronic consumer products.
Join the trend to sell products with a British trademark. The Rediffusion brand has a 90-year history, employed over 10,00 globally and a reputation for quality, innovation and services.
Consumers have shown great interest in relaunched historical brands with updated features. Social media engagement campaigns highlighting these features, appeal to both older & younger generations.

Key Benefits

Are you looking to increase your sales/profits?
Why not brand your products with the famous Rediffusion consumer electrical/electronic trademark, this could help gain market share and increase revenues?
Retro Branding Trend
There is a growing trend towards retro branding trademarks, with brands like Nokia,
Star Wars, Harley Davison, Ferguson, Nintendo, Kodak, and Polaroid. as successful branded consumer products are associated with historic quality and reliability.

Consumers have welcomed relaunched heritage brands with modern features, appealing to both young and mature segments. The Rediffusion brand is perfectly positioned to appeal to today’s consumers as its associated with innovative, high quality consumer products and services.


Consumer electronics , SMART home products, IT products, computers, SMART televisions, home appliances, B2C and B2B markets

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