The world’s leading HR & Recruitment teams use Benivo to welcome their relocating employees.


Convert & retain more junior A players

Junior recruits are your organisation's future leaders. A relocation support solution specialised to the needs of this audience allows you to seek, convert and retain more of the best talent, no matter where they are located to begin.


A consistent standard for better duty of care

Inequality and inconsistency with employee relocation experiences cost your organisation time and money.

Benivo helps you deliver a consistent moving support experience at low cost irrespective of seniority level, wage, budget and destination.


Reduce cost and improve operations

Supporting relocating employees in-house is costly and outside the core focus for your HR and Talent teams. Benivo allows your team to maintain control but offload ad-hoc moving support work.

Upgrade to professional quality and decrease costs but maintain your customised touch with the Benivo service platform.


Better visibility after offer-accepted

Understand who is on track with their move and who is lagging behind. We help you anticipate no-shows and identify candidates who your team should focus on engaging.

The Benivo service platform gives you a powerful tool to improve your post-offer process. Keep the best candidates engaged and on-track for a great start.  


Relocation Features:

Branded employee platform

Your new employees will register through the employee platform that is customised to your company. 

Customised to your company and content
Enriched with quotes and data from your employees
Add the GoPremium feature to give the platform the look and feel of your company


Welcome Pack

Every employee receives a Welcome Pack from us delivered to their new address and waiting for them on their arrival. You can even have the entire Welcome Pack branded with your company's colours and fonts (please check additional pricing). Included in the Welcome Pack are among others:

A city guide
SIM card
Any other items you'd like us to include


Rental advice and accommodation support

When your employees move to a new location, they might not know what to expect in terms of rent prices, which areas are suitable for their needs and what the processes are for renting. We educate them on all these points and suggest a number of properties based on their preferences for them to book.

We educate your employees on rent prices and areas to live
PayLater Rent enables your employees to protect their cash flow
We help them find their ideal property anywhere on the market


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