Reporting Service

Customisable reporting service delivered on an on-demand, SaaS basis.

An enterprise-grade reporting application that can aggregate customer data and turn it into actionable insights to help drive better products and more revenue.


As customers interact with online content or applications, they generate vast quantities of data. In order to make this data useful you need to be able to store it and you need to be able to ask it questions. If you can do both, you can turn this data into actionable business insight that can be used to drive product innovation and product revenue. The 10Duke Reporting Service helps you do both. Features RESTful endpoint for accepting report entries in XML. XML and JSON are both supported as output data formats. The user interface is flexible to extend using your choice of Javascript, JSP, HTML or other client side technologies. Supports use of MySQL, PostgreSql and HSQL databases.

Key Benefits

Customisable reporting service delivered on an on-demand, SaaS basis. Gain insight into customer preferences. Improve product development based on real-time usage data. Avoid the cost and rigidity of expensive enterprise reporting servers. Easily extendable to support bespoke analytical requirements.


Learn how often customers use your products Segment customers based on usage habits and purchasing behaviour Understand how customers use your product Generate usable business information from large data sets Understand what related products a customer may be interested in Gain product usage insight

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