A fully integrated digital platform that brings an immersive experience to life and caters to all customer journeys, whether the user is in-store or at home.​


When buying phones or contracts, you are purchasing more than just a ‘phone’; you’re buying an extension of yourself.

Currently, you get a sense of the size, colour, memory, and functionality in stores and online. However, the user interface tends to be a very individual decision.

We believe buying a phone is an extension of a customer, their lifestyle, aspirations, and daily requirements. They should have the opportunity to try each phone, such as swiping, shortcuts, apps, and more.

The ‘Space to Imagine’ instore experience includes large touchscreens, with enough space to comfortably hold two customers and a sales consultant.

They will be asked about their needs and directed to phones/products that offer what they’re looking for on-screen. They’ll be able to personalise their choices and play with a demo version of the phone – navigating apps and exploring editing functions.

To the right of the screen would be a bench whereby consultants can bring physical products once selections are made.

To ensure customers get the ultimate in-store experience, we will introduce a fully immersive 360-degree experience that will enable you to project products onto walls and or screens.

When at home, online, this translates into a web and AR experience that allows you to interact with products virtually and initiate a video session with an agent if you need further support from a product expert.

Key Benefits

Leveraging analytic insights for CX personalisation at the right touchpoint, be it during research, in-store, or at home to make highly personalised and relevant recommendations to customers.

Seamlessly blend the customer experience online and offline. For example allow customers to scan physical products, and populate a personalised portal with these products which can subsequently be visualised at home via the web and AR.


Our fully integrated digital platform helps retailers and consumers alike have a better shopping experience while reducing operating costs for retailers, and offering an immersive, engaging experience to consumers, irrespective of whether they are instore or at home.

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