Customers want easy interactions and instant access to relevant information. Our self-service retail solution delivers consistent, contextual, and personalised experiences.


With our intelligent self-service retail solution, customers can simply talk or type questions as if they are conversing with a person and the retail kiosk will determine what the customer needs and take the necessary action to resolve the question efficiently.

4 Roads is now calling on 10 years experience of implementing self-service solutions and has developed a modular platform called "Social Stack". Utilising web services and serverless architecture, the platform provides a building block system that allows for any self-service solution to be built in the cloud, enabling an in store self-service experience.

Our retail self-solution provides customers with convenience and speed resulting in frictionless self-service experiences.

Key Benefits

Customers want to communicate with retailers on multiple channels on their terms, whether that be in store, online or via mobile. Social Stack provides a single source of truth, so that customers receive consistent answers, irrespective of the channel.
With an easy to use self-service experience, more customers will help themselves and not require an in store interaction with an employee.

Benefits include:

- Avoiding long queues in the shop
- Leverage customer and performance data from kiosks to improve range of services
- Generate a loyal customer base with perfect self-service experiences


Our target market are in store customer service operations who want to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

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