Tillo is the rewards, incentives and gifting platform for the digital age. Tillo connects the world’s most popular retailers and businesses looking for exciting ways to reach teams


Founded in 2016, Tillo (then Reward Cloud) had a vision to transform the gift card market. Recognising the constraints of plastic gift cards and the procurement and settlement frustrations experienced by customers and recipients, founders Gareth Gillatt and Alex Preece looked to technology to revolutionise the market. Within a year, the company had turned a profit, and by 2019, had achieved 100% year on year growth. With millions of transactions processed, accounting for £1bn+ worth of gift cards, Tillo became a market leader. Today, Tillo works with more than 1,000 retailers in 26 markets around the world.

Delivering more ways to show appreciation, Tillo is the rewards, incentives and gifting network for the digital age. Tillo connects the world’s most popular retailers to partners and businesses looking for exciting new ways to reach employees, customers and new global audiences. Tillo unlocks a world of new opportunity through one market leading, award-winning API platform with unrivaled user-experience, making the process seamless. Tillo has achieved 100% growth year on year with millions of transactions processed and works with over 1200 retailers worldwide in 16 currencies across 29 markets.

Key Benefits

Tillo has two sides to its global network.

Our partners or buyers no longer need to hold lots of fixed value gift cards for all their incentive and reward campaigns. A huge cash flow issue. They also only need one API for access to retailers globally and without all countless contracts. 1x API to send all your rewards and incentives with one contract and that is it.

For retailers, we open up their distribution and scale their gift card programme into the rewards, perks and incentive market. With our tools, they also have transparency and complete clarity of where their gift cards are being sold.

Before Tillo the customer/employee would often have to wait days to receive their gift cards. As the order was collected and sent through a chain of 4/5 parties to get fulfilled, even digital ones. Lengthy delays and often stock issues would occur, it would also mean incentives and rewards were limited to a restrictive number of retailers.

Now with Tillo, employees and customers can move digital points/cashback/settle claims or issue rewards onto gift cards with an incentive to do so - making it a win-win-win for all parties involved.

Revolutionising the way incentives can be used by making it simple to send money to different countries via gift cards is just one use case.

Insurance companies can settle claims quickly with gift cards as an alternative to using cheques.

Reward and incentives businesses can promote employee wellbeing using gift cards as spot rewards in multiple markets.

Marketers can use gift cards for call to actions - an example might be to take out car insurance and as a reward, you'll get a gift card.

Increasingly we are now working with a number of digital asset businesses and crypto exchanges to help these users move their assets to gift cards so they can be spent in-store.

Another huge growth area is helping companies like Honey (acq by PayPal) to use gift cards as an incentive to shop through them online - the user's points can then be redeemed only for gift cards keeping that money in retail. We do the same thing for Quidco and Topcashback where users can move their cash back and move it onto gift cards.


We sit in the gift card market currently worth $1tn globally and forecasted to hit $2tn by 2027 https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/08/06/2073888/0/en/Global-Gift-Card-Industry.html

If we focus just now on the UK the total gift card market size is £8.5bn of which 55% is B2B. this is what we're addressing, and this year alone we have done over £500m worth of gift cards through our network. We help businesses use gift cards as a self-use financial instrument to pay for items in real-time.

Given the Covid pandemic, we have seen a high rise in employee welfare and wellness companies worldwide. How can they reward and offer them perks? Our clients specialise in this and as such our sales have continued to grow and grow as a result. A recent survey stated that half of large enterprises use or want to use gift cards to reward and incentivise teams, and 60% of SMEs wish to or want to use them. Having the technology to bridge the gap between retailers and recipient is key to ensure usage in the first place.

Most recently we saw the UK government initiative use gift cards to offer Free School Meals to 1.3m families per week that need feeding and are most vulnerable. Tillo's technology was used to issue these vouchers and enabled connections to all the retailers in the scheme. This is the sort of initiative that saw a "gift card" be used in a completely new paradigm. It's a financial tool used for a very important and serious use case with Tillo's network at the heart of it.

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