Rilbite Meat Alternatives

Meat Alternative from only 6 fresh ingredient. No binders and no water added.

Rilbite technology enables to mix and bind clean fresh ingredients that are plants into dishes of different shape, texture and taste from only 6 fresh ingredients.


Rilbite's Minced Plants™ is the equivalent to minced meat with same texture and behavior as the "real" thing. Made of grains, vegetables and basic home spices, our 6 fresh ingredients are not only easily shaped as burger but are in fact a clean label high nutritional value product capable of completely replacing or deluding minced meat in any dish. No binder as an ingredient, the binding is through the special process itself.

Key Benefits

Only 6 ingredients Clean Label! Ingredient from whole plants No ultra processed - Healthy Food Higher nutritional values & protein 100% of the raw ingredients 0% Waste, 0% Fat No water added in process, Saving Water! Most sustainable No additives, stabilizers & emulsifiers Minced meat 1/1 behavior Ease of use More markets & Endless applications


Minced Mix, Burgers, Meat balls, Kababs and anything else you can think of that can be made with real minced meat

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