Using our patented Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT), we provide access to fast-changing global sentiment, reaching the most diverse audiences, including disengaged voices.


RIWI stands for "real-time interactive world-wide intelligence". RIWI uses patented and proven Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT) to provide rapid access to continuous, fast-changing consumer and citizen sentiment in all countries, safely and anonymously. RIWI breaks through the noise to find the truth about global attitudes, inclinations, behaviors and observations - by reaching the most diverse audiences, including the disengaged and quiet voices who do not typically answer surveys or express their views on social media.

RIWI technology rapidly collects sentiment data in every country around the world and displays the results in a secure interactive dashboard in real-time. We only collect anonymous information: 229 countries and territories, over 80 languages and 1.8 billion interviewees and counting.

Key Benefits

Real-time and Ongoing - Real-time and continuous data collection, allowing for trend-tracking and advanced insights. RIWI offers real-time data delivery and analysis tools via our proprietary interactive dashboard.

Reach - Accessing broad and hard-to-reach markets/audiences/topics in every region in the world, with geo-targeting capabilities, including in closed and restricted environments. RIWI reaches the most diverse audiences, including the disengaged and quiet voices who do not typically answer surveys or express their views on social media.

Speed - allows for rapid launch of surveys, message tests, and campaign messaging. When you have a data need, RIWI will work with you to create, program, and launch your study rapidly.


RIWI’s technology has been successfully harnessed to conduct research, facilitate data collection, perform concept and message testing, institute campaign scaling, and enhance population-level trend-tracking and predictive modeling.

RIWI’s technology has been applied across industries and sectors, including healthcare, consumer, international development, financial services, government and public sectors.

For example:
1. RIWI’s technology was utilized through a CDC-funded project to understand COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy across the United States.

2. RIWI’s technology has been rapidly harnessed to assess vulnerable populations in conflict states, including Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover of Kubal and Ukraine after (and during) the Russian invasion.

3. RIWI’s technology has reliably uncovered the impact of consumer boycotting behavior, including boycotts of American brands (e.g., Nike, H&M) in China following the public disapproval of forced labor allegations in China’s Xinjiang region.

4. RIWI’s technology is continuously leveraged to monitor elections around the world, including elections in the United States, France, Egypt, and India, to name a few. RIWI’s technology allowed for an extremely accurate prediction of the 2016 US electoral college and popular vote outcomes, unlike other major/well-respected political polling firms.

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