Safeguarding Children Online

SafeToNet keeps children safer online

SafeToNet uses is a cyber safety company. It uses AI to detect and filter harmful messages and images in real time before they are sent and before the damage is done.


Social networks thrive on freedom of speech. The consequence is the right to offend and be offended. This has lead to cyberbullying, trolling, online abuse and aggression, sexting, grooming, radicalisation and other online predatory risks. One in 4 teenagers have been the victim of cyberbullying. 83 million users on Facebook are not who they say they. 19% of children that sext, send photos to people they have never physically met. Trolling is a modern day curse. Social Networks cannot (or will not) stop online abuse as it restricts the 'freedom' they give to their users. SafeToNet solves the problem for social networks, chat rooms and gaming platforms by giving their users (and notably parents of children) the independent choice of blocking and stopping abuse by providing a safeguarding tool that seamlessly wraps around their online world. Our Solution SafeToNet is a cognitive computing system that filters harmful outgoing messages and images. It uses natural language processing, behavioural, statistical, probability, predictive, correlative and sentiment analytics. It can contextualise both content and users. It blocks harmful content, dangerous apps and suspicious users, in real time before the damage is done. No one else is doing this. Our research also showed that parents want advice and guidance as well so we offer a resource of information and advice on digital safety for kids and how to deal with sensitive issues, what is trending, new apps that kids are using and anything else that is relevant in the space.  This information is provided by industry experts from charities and welfare organisations. Business Model SafeToNet has two products: Platform as a Service (PAAS) providing a B2B API to companies wishing to safeguard their online client base e.g. ISPs, mobile network providers, social networks, gaming companies  etc. Signed contract to be embedded at source in mobile device manufacturer's products sold to Microsoft and Telefonica. This solution can be developed to protect companies staff's families e.g. KPMG have expressed an interest in this and we are in discussions with them to this regard. Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a B2C safeguarding solution to parents of 6-16 year olds.  It will cost £6 per family per month or £60 per year.  I can be downloaded via the app stores or from our website. SafeToNet will market directly to schools, youth organisations, sports clubs.  They are in discussions with Reading Football Club to trial the software in the junior academies as social network activity around football is famously aggressive and abusive and yet young children are passionate to keep up to date. The Company has signed contracts with PaaS customers that will deliver 6m licences and $15m revenue to Q4 2018. Achievements - SafeToNet won the BT & EE Infinity Future Mobile Award and is now in commercial discussions with both companies to safeguard their UK-wide client base (in excess of 30m clients) trials are in progress. - SafeToNet won Best British Startup Award at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in April 2017 sponsored by KPMG. - As part of the Wayra Telefonica accelerator in London we are converting our solution to Spanish for the Spanish and Latin American market. - SafeToNet is also a winner of the GSMA D-Lab competition to detect and prevent cyberbullying across Spain - SafeToNet is one of the UK and Ireland's top Cisco50 most promising start-up innovations in cyber-security and the IoT - SafeToNet has been selected as 1 of 5 companies in the world to be part of the Go-Ignite program (Press embargo until 9th September 2017).  This is a virtual accelerator run by Orange, Singtel, Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom.  It will give SafeToNet access to 1 billion customers.  This program starts on 11th September 2017. Primary Advantage Over Competitor We have found another 18 companies that are in the cyber safety market however they all monitor content, they do not block harmful messages and content in real time before it is seen. Equally so they do not monitor and block individual apps on remote devices (and notably on iOS). They do not use AI and cognitive computing to contextualise content and cannot, for example, tell the difference between banter and aggression. They do not provide for differing cultures, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. SafeToNet does. SafeToNet is committed to becoming the de facto standard for safeguarding children on-line within the next 2 years.

Key Benefits

SafeToNet also allows parents to block apps remotely on Android and IOS, offers time block and can ground a child's phone. It's empowering parents again (!) and helping to avoid conflict with kids.


Cyber safety

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