Washed uncut vegetables are stored in a disposable packaging. Cutting/slicing is performed by the consumer, just before consumption using a plastic knife embedded in the package.


We developed a concept and made an operating prototype of a package, where vegetables are stored uncut, being cut just before consumption, using a plastic knife embedded in the package (please see 30-second video at: http://youtu.be/2yANtZBiNrI). In the industrial version the tray would be made by pulp thermoforming – recently developed technology allowing mass production of thin-walled great looking, cost effective and eco-friendly tableware and food packaging. Estimated cost of the packaging is around 20-25 cents, including tray, insert, knife and a thin transparent film.

The kit will contain also variety of dressings (or other pre-packed ingredients) and utensils.

We suppose that the kit will be distributed to catering, convenience stores and other outdoor food distribution channels. The product could also be supplied to schools and other institutions, or sold by vending machines.

The proposed innovative concept follows two general consumer trends in the food industry:


Consumers are seeking portable, ready-to-eat food products, but at the same time,

Healthy Eating

They prefer fresh, instantly prepared salads, rich of vitamins, as a part of general trend of healthy lifestyle.

Presently, no product on the market meets both of these demands.

The packaging design and method of cherry tomatoes halving are patent pending.


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