We occupy a niche of recycled, low-cost plastic shoes that makes a profit, whilst also benefitting people and planet.


Problem Summary:
- Over 381 million tonnes of plastic wastes are produced annually
- Plastics are recycled to exact volume of plastics (p>0.05 i.e not significant) = more plastics, more flooding. Volume of plastic remains constant and even higher in the environment, more pollution
- ~ 90.5% of these wastes have never been recycled
- This has resulted in over 5 trillion plastics still floating in our oceans
Solution Summary:
- We are a team of shoe designers and environmental scientists
- We imagined if we could convert all these plastic wastes to foot wears - making money and reducing wastes simultaneously
- Potential for impact is huge! - Global footwear market is currently valued at $264 billion!
- We decided to occupy a niche of recycled, low-cost plastic shoes (which are modular and patented) will make a profit, whilst also benefitting people and planet.

Key Benefits

- Modularity of our shoes
- Shoes made from plastic wastes
- Our shoes reduces volume of luggage our customers carry - the modular nature of the shoes allows this.
- Cost efficient: our customers get our shoes at prices 75% less than those of competitors
- Our customers feel cool while wearing our shoes - the modular nature again
- Emotional connection - our customers have a feeling of saving the environment.


We have two customer segments:
1. B2C (direct sales of shoes to end customers): Mass Market (The average customer has low to median level of disposable income) seeking an experience of comfort, quality and service differentiation aged between 18 - 35 years, resident in urban and peri-urban regions
2. B2B: Franchise (in plan)

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