Aguardio toilet sensors that can monitor if a toilet has a faulty cistern and is leaking water, the shower sensor can monitor shower time and help modify usage.


Based on a wish to reduce water usage and waste, together with the associated energy used, and at the same time doing something positive for the climate. Aguardio developed the toilet leak sensor that can not only monitor toilet performance and usage but can also modify usage through behavioural change. Using the same criteria, Aguardio developed their Shower Sensor, which again supports behavioural change by monitoring usage temperature and humidity with the result of saving water and energy. Both these devices can be connected to the Aguardio Hub via our APP which produce a multitude of data including usage and leakage data that has given our customers a unique insight into water and energy usage in the biggest area of water consumption… the bathroom

Key Benefits

The toilet sensor can identify leaking toilets down to 5 litres per hour, count toilet flushes, measure water and ambient temperature. This is then via our APP or a bridge communicated to the Aguardio Hub, analysed and data can be displayed on our dashboard for the client. This data can then be used to show via heatmaps helping with preventative maintenance and modify toilet usage. The shower sensor can give an accurate insight into the usage of the shower together with Humidity and temperature to prevent mould in bathrooms and also use the timer on the sensor to modify and reduce shower usage by up to 30% using the right interventions. This data is again transmitted to the Aguardio hub via our APP or a bridge for the client to analyse.


To be used anywhere you have a toilet or shower. The leak sensor can also be used on water pipework to measure water and ambient temperature.

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