Scylla is a real-time threat detection system. Scylla monitors real-time video streams to predict violent behavior and identify acts of violence.


Scylla is a modern AI-based protective intelligence suite that enhances operational activities of security departments in the following three main areas:

PTD-preventive threat detection (gun detection, etc.)
VIT-vehicle identification and tracking (license plate recognition, vehicle identification, parking)
SSIS-smart suspects identification system (facial recognition, suspect tracking, indoor navigation)
What Scylla does is helping its customers and law enforcement agencies in identifying possible acts of violence before they happen, prevent crimes, and encourage discipline due to its unique capability of image and facial recognition. This system gives 99% accuracy as a result of which it can drastically reduce response time. The underlying engine of the platform of Scylla is based on Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision methodologies to recognize all visual aspects of the video.

Key Benefits

We save costs on security
We improve the security indoor and outdoor
We transform your security to a data source


We are already running in hospitals, schools, police departments, and hotels:

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