Seed Vision is managed seed quality Analysis. We manage ODV, DNA and Seed Quality testing & also set up a state of the art facility for automating QA and R&D


Seedvision(SV) is a suite of products and technologies that will revolutionize the way global agriculture ecosystem process and handle Seed. Our solutions addresses wide range of use-cases like Traceability, Trackability, Quality Analysis & Measurement. We digitize physical seed and brings predictability & forecasting

Key Benefits

1. Reduce Dependency On Grow-Out Test (GOT)
2. Reduce Or Eliminate Genetic Tests and Reduce Labour Cost
3. Rigorous Enforcement Of Seed And Biotech Laws In The Country
4. Digitization Of Seed Data Is Critical In Transforming Business
5. Comply to Stringent Export Requirements
6.Need To Iterate New Seed Types, Faster For Climate Resilience,
Environmental Friendliness


1. Traceability & Trackability
2. Analyze & Measure Quality
3. Digitization of data
4. Predictability, Forecasting

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