You don’t need green fingers to grow your own produce - we do it for you. With plug and play system, we supply disposables per a food crop of your choice (via app)


We introduce our unique solution for growing food crops ANYWERE ANYPLACE at ANY TIME with a fully autonomous robotic system.
Taking into account the severe sustainability issues (among others: water shortage, unusual weather, pressure on supply chain and the agricultural land disappearing), along with an understanding the value of a healthy, fresh quality food, it is clear that the future of farming is a smart farming. This should include at least three paths: indoor farming, soilless agriculture and automation and robotics.
LEKET ROBOTICS presents a fully automated robotic modular farming unit with the ability to scale to any given space with a little effort due to flat pack assemblies. Since we are enthusiastic farmers by ourselves, we understand the need in versatility and scalability of the system, following all the necessary processes during growing the crop: seeding, thinning out, pollination, harvesting and recycling the disposables of the system.
You don’t need green fingers to grow your own produce – we do it for you.

Key Benefits

(1) Highly scalable and mobile solution
(2) Entirely autonomous technology
(3) A giant leap towards sustainability
(4) On-demand, at any place
(5) Hybrid financial model


Single Unit applications: Private residential properties, Research facilities, Small businesses
Containerized applications: Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels
Large scale hangars: Mushroom farms, Indoor farms, Vertical farms

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