A 'white-label' app that enables shoppers to scan as they go, leading to a far more enjoyable, efficient shopping experience.


A high-tech, low-cost solution that’s easy to implement and revolutionises the shopping experience. The app is simple to use and enables shoppers to build a list, guides them to their items, allows them to scan as they shop, delivers personalised offers direct to their phone and informs shoppers of allergies and environmental impacts.

With AI tech and machine learning, the app helps retailers engage with their customers, sending them automatic personalised offers. For the first time in supermarkets, anywhere in the world, the app also allows age verification.

For retailers the app is ground-breaking, saving them significant staff and hardware costs. It is also proven to increase basket sizes by 21%, and footfall by 30% in prototype stores.

With the current pandemic, there has never been a better time to offer your customers an alternative shopping experience that reduces contact, and helps keep them safe.

Key Benefits

- Reduces cost, increases revenue and facilitates till-less retail which, in turn, enables social distancing

- Eradicates queues

- Connects the store with their customers in real-time

- Increases basket sizes and reduces operating cost for retailers

- Integrates seamlessly into your system without requiring any new hardware

- Statistically more secure than self-checkout, it’s much easier to ‘spot-check’


Any retailer with physical ‘bricks and mortar’ stores.

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