Prove the quality of food with the SICCAR blockchain platform. Provide complete supply chain traceability for consumers, and easily evidence your quality and safety measures.


3 in 5 consumers want to know more about where their food comes from and how it is made. Growing concerns over food and drink safety, authenticity and sustainability mean that consumers, retailers, producers and processors require transparent evidence about the lifecycle of products. Many farmers are already recording various quality controls at field level, from shed-cleaning to crop-spraying and harvesting, but this is often only on paper which is a time-consuming and outdated method.

The SICCAR platform provides complete supply chain traceability. Simply put, it employs the best bits of blockchain and applies it to drive efficiencies in the agricultural supply chain. It enables the multiple parties producing and processing foods to add data about a product throughout its lifecycle. Working with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), the SICCAR platform has already been used to ensure oats are verifiably gluten-free. Please see:

Trusted parties add data to a shared but secure network, allowing provenance, safety and quality measures to be easily evidenced. All producers and processers involved in a food product’s lifecycle can add and access data according to the permissions they have been given, preserving commercially sensitive information if required. Some data can be made public, to maintain supply chain transparency.

94% of consumers are likely to be more loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Not only does this solution assure consumers of quality, but it ensures fairness and accountability along the supply chain as all parties are able to evidence the quality of their processes.

Key Benefits

Increased supply chain efficiency - SICCAR lets you efficiently manage and accurately track all data relating to a food supply chain. Commercially sensitive information can be protected, and data provenance monitored.

Easily evidence product and process quality - SICCAR lets food producers and processers evidence their safety and quality controls digitally, making these assurances more accessible. By eliminating paper, time and cost is reduced.

Complete transparency for consumers - consumers are empowered with field to fork traceability of their foods, increasing brand trust and loyalty. Quality and safety assurances can be provided at a tap.

Increased brand value - with consumers willing to pay more for product transparency, investing in digital supply chains is an opportunity for greater brand revenue. Food certifications and brand promises can be implemented with less risk.


Food safety
Food quality
Food provenance
Allergen labelling
Vegan/vegetarian certification
Sustainability disclosures

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