Single Cell Analysis

Accelerate biopharmaceutical discovery and development

We are developing patented single cell analysis systems and providing novel R&D collaborative services for therapeutic discovery.


We have developed unique products and services for single cell analysis and characterisation. We have patented novel “picodroplet” technology that permits ultra-high throughput assays of single cells and can perform up to one billion tests per biochip per day. This enabling approach provides significant operational benefits for: i) biologic discovery & development, and ii) analysis of contribution of single cell variation to cancer, auto-immune disorders and infectious diseases. CLIENTS AND EXPERIENCE We have almost 100 international organisations buying our products and service. Our client base includes large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and academic institutes. SPEED TO DELIVER/MARKET We can provide some free trials of some of our products. With our R&D Services we offer flexible options on Research, Development or Discovery Collaborations (these programs vary in time and complexity). COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES We are looking for new clients and for technology development partnerships with synergistic companies. We are not currently looking for Venture Capital funding, but always welcome open discussions with the investment community.  

Key Benefits

- Enables testing of entire B-cell population and discovery of rare antibodies. - High-throughput (up to 10 million cells tested/day). - Dramatically reduced screening costs and time. - Multiple assays for User Selection for B-cell/Fv prioritisation. - Monoclonality Assurance.

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