The invention is able to achieve angular and spatial light modulation through the use of a single digital micromirror device.


Single-Chip ASLM

Tech ID: UA18-077

This invention is angular and spatial light modulation using a single digital micromirror device.

Projection-type spatial light modulators have been hard-pressed to satisfy requirements for head-up and head-mounted displays. Many current technologies also struggle with similar issues for “no-glasses” 3D displays while maintaining small enough system packages. In similar systems, the etendue of the spatial light modulators (SLM) dictates the field-of-view (FOV) of the observer and the viewing area or eye-box through which the observer can view the displayed image. This invention improves on many of the shortcomings of the current technologies and will allow for further improvements to related technologies.

Key Benefits

- Compact size
- Single digital micromirror
- Increased pixel density


- Head-up display
- Head-mounted display
- 3D viewing
- Virtual reality and augmented reality

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