Size Advice for Online Garment Orders


Size-Me is a fast, cost-effective, and accurate garment size recommendation tool for B2B and B2C apparel businesses. It uses touch-free body measurements and requires no intrusive wearer photos or body scans.

Size-Me won the PCIAW Best Innovation Award in 2021 and has been chosen as the garment size advice solution for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It has been used to successfully generate over 100,000 size recommendations enabling smaller volunteer garment order sizes, reducing both cost and the environmental impact of the Games.

Key Benefits

Size-Me works with existing garment data, and wearers access Size-Me via an online portal, answer a few basic questions, and receive an instant size recommendation to ensure they order the right size, first time

Reduces garment returns and eliminates the associated costs, waste (most returns end up in landfill), Co2 emissions from additional transportation needed.

Size-Me has supported clients’ uniform rollouts for years and has consistently delivered a returns rate of less than 0.5%.

It also improves customer satisfaction and retention because the ordered garment fits eliminating the largest single reason for returns and reducing hassle for the customer.

The data about the fit and returns can also be used to refine the design of a garment range, making sure the sizes that are produced fit the population.


Apparel businesses taking orders online and applicable to both retail and uniforms.

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