Skin Gate™ technology, helps users to learn over ten elements of their skin concerns in real time via a UVB sensor camera and transmitting the information to their mobile phone.


Today, beauty devices enable increased personalization for consumers and data collection opportunities for brands that deliver results and improve skin conditions that may change from time to time, based on exposure to different climate, hormonal changes, diet, lifestyle, stress, etc.
Skincare-obsessive and technology savvy consumers are more likely to integrate devices into their regimens than more casual users to make the most from the money spent and outcomes.
Skin Gate™ technology offers consumers to investigate, learn and control their skin conditions as best and accurate as possible.
Skin Gate™ consists of two innovative patent devices
1) Skin Gate™ Monitor: is an advanced skin diagnostic system with unparalleled technology, which combines stylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of skin images using multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software and using a bi-directional communication link between the LED, Optics, AI powered monitor, Algorithms and mobile/tablet
This device is an ideal partner to help captivate user’s attention at first glance, boosting sales and enhancing the maximum impact of products & brand trust.
One Single Multi-Spectral Optical Unit for Multiple Measurements
• Standard Skin Measurement:
Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities
• Professional Measurement:
Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities, Keratin
• Expert Measurement:
Hydration, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities, Keratin, Skin Tone, Blackhead, Skin Sensitivity
• Real time recommendation of skincare, according to real time data finding of the skin make up and morphological information
• The recommended skincare can be purchased through mobile phone app , e-Commerce portal,
• Through the same app, more solutions can be provided to the user, such as: clinic finder, e-consultation, online store, news & articles, webinars, etc
–Various Wi-Fi Functions
-Real-time image display via Wi-Fi Phone Data
-Send your personal diagnostic results via social media
-Share skin diagnostic results via email with comments to the dermatologist or aesthetician for further advice, helping users to gain access to professional treatment solutions such as Micro dermabrasion, Laser, IPL , Skin Peels, etc and encourages clinics to cross-sell and offer more customized services, according to Skin Gate™ Monitor diagnosis.
–Multiple language support
Skin Gate ™ offers smart analysis of the skin in multiple languages by a simple click of a button.
2) Skin Gate™ Infuse
Skin care ingredients can absorb into our skin cells in different possibilities:
• Absorb before passing through the skin through manual application
• Pass around and then through in lesser quantity
• Absorbed into glands before being excreted out of the body
• Evaporate and get wasted.
In most cases individuals are not aware of the proper application of their skincare to ensure maximum penetration and ingredient delivery into the deepest layer of their skin is achieved.
Skin Gate™ Infuse is an innovative patent technology, designed to facilitate the transdermal skin delivery of the product, that is pre-filled into a special packaging system, similar to a coffee “POD”.
The Skin Gate™ POD, can be purchased on our e-Commerce store or be customized towards ANY affiliate skincare brand.
By inserting the POD into the Skin Gate™ Infuse device, product can be easily applied and delivered into the deepest layer of skin, by using a combination of:
Radio Frequency (Heat)
Acoustic Wave (Vibration)
Electroporation, Mesoporation, Iontophoresis

Key Benefits

Skin condition real time analysis, treatment solution, product recommendation, transdermal delivery of the product into the deepest layer of the skin, retail sales boost, Customized skincare sales based on device recommendations, enticing other skincare manufacturers to modify their packaging system to adopt with our global patent technology platform.


Ai , Algorithms, LED camera, Iontophoresis, Electroporation, Mesoporation, Acoustic wave, Radio Frequency, LED therapy of the skin for acne, skin sensitivity, anti-ageing

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