Skin Repair & Protect Compound

Clinically Proven Repair & Protect Skincare Products

We have developed a new, novel and all natural compound for use in topical skin care products with clinically proven skin repair and protect benefits.


Using our proprietary machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods we have identified new, novel and all natural compounds that are clinically proven to protect and repair the skin when introduced to skincare formulations. In partnership with Newcastle University, who have a proprietary diagnostic tool, we can measure the mtDNA in the skin and clinically prove that the treated skin ages at a slower rate to untreated exposed and unexposed skin.

Key Benefits

It is a unique, new and all natural innovation in skincare with the opportunity to provide consumers with clinical proof of the de-ageing ability of the product on their own skin.


We develop cosmeceutical active ingredients for use in skincare and dermatology and having identified a compound that is proven to repair and protect the skin we are looking for partners to help us make it a commercial success.

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