SkinVision developed a highly accurate ML based network to be able to detect skin cancer based upon photo's taken with a regular smartphone.


Awareness by the general population of the risk of skin cancer is low and if the risk is known the knowledge what to look for is limited. SkinVision creates awareness and provides a medical device for individuals to check their skin using their own phone and get support in case they need to enter the health system. Reducing the risk of skin cancer through active use of technology with UV advice and understanding of the risk profile and the skin type completes the journey.

Key Benefits

Highly scalable: The service uses the existing phones of customers, who can download the app in store and get immediate access. Highly accurate and consistent: ML based risk indication generates 95% sensitivity and 86% specificity. Scientifically proven: Studies and publications support the evidence of the effectiveness of the solutions. Over 1.5 million users: Ensures strong global knowledge of the service and customer acceptance. Availability: Service is available 24/7/365, everywhere and for everybody with a phone and connection. Regulated: Service is regulated under the local health regulators combined with ISO 27001 and 13485 certifications.


Based upon value based care SkinVision increases the health outcome through early detection of skin cancer and reduces cost for the health systems and payers ultimately beneficial for all stakeholders.

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