This invention is an algorithm for users to track their sleep patterns to better understand their lifestyle. Data can come from direct entry by users or via wearable devices.


Hypknowledge Sleep Management Platform: Algorithm and Messaging Components

Tech ID: UA18-266

This invention is an algorithm that can be populated by data via direct entry from the user or from devices like a Fitbit worn by the user. The algorithm is a way for users to track and understand their sleep so they can better manage their lifestyle. The data entry also gives the user the ability to see the inefficiencies of various sleep tracking devices when they can compare and contrast the data that they personally enter against the data collected by the wearable device. The invention also has an automated messaging component that allows the user to receive direct correspondence via SMS and/or SMTP that can include details and analysis of the sleep data.

We live in a world where sleep is at a premium and many adults are not getting the sleep necessary to live a healthy life. This technology seeks to solve this problem by giving users the ability to analyze their sleep without having to go to a doctor or buy expensive technology.

Key Benefits

- Seeks to improve the technology and the experience of the user while they track their sleep
- Provides an easier way to receive the information about sleep via direct correspondence
- Allows the user to see the inefficiencies in the device that they are currently using
- Provides user with more control over the input process
- Less expensive than many devices or going to a doctor


- Tracking sleep for health reasons (i.e. diseases) or lifestyle management
- Doctors looking to track the sleep patterns of their patients
- Military and other high stress jobs that may benefit from accurate knowledge of the quality and quantity of their employees' sleep

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