This invention provides a method for obtaining 3D imagery using an adaptation to SLR camera systems, without reducing the capability of the camera.


Computational Photographic System for Depth Resolution Imaging

Tech ID: UA11-056

This invention is a method for acquiring 3D imagery using an adaptation to existing SLR camera systems that allows for full 3D imagery to be obtained without sacrificing the inherent imaging capability of the camera. This adaptation allows for relatively low cost implementation of 3D technology into already existing camera systems. Through the use of computational photography, wavefront encoding, and structured illumination, 3D images can be acquired rapidly for use in both video and photographic imaging applications.

3D display technology is becoming increasingly important in consumer markets. With the ever-growing interest for 3D technology appearing in a larger variety of media as well as in technologies such as machine vision, the need for capturing quality 3D images is growing. Many cameras made for capturing 3D use two cameras, spatially separated, to obtain a 3D perspective. These systems unfortunately suffer from the disadvantages of being more expensive and cumbersome. Attempts have been made at adapting single cameras to capture 3D by using computational photography and advanced optical techniques. However, these strategies have previously sacrificed image quality to obtain 3D sensitivity. A single camera system that could be adapted to have 3D imaging ability while maintaining standard imaging quality would prove a valuable technology as the demand for 3D media rises.

Key Benefits

- Inherent camera imaging quality maintained
- Adaptable to standard camera systems
- High speed ability for video capture


- High quality 3D imaging
- Machine vision
- Standard camera systems

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