Our retrofittable low-cost bike rack extensions enable us to work with space owners and deliver a much more secure and convenient parking experience to urban cyclists.


MOSA is delivering a smooth and secure bicycle parking experience to urban cyclists who face a constant threat of bicycle theft. Our intelligent and retrofittable smart locks enable us to help space owners manage and monetise bicycle parking and build a secure parking infrastructure network for cyclists.

We have been developing our patent-pending hardware with Giant, the largest bike manufacturer in the world. Currently, we have our EVT (engineering validation testing) prototype ready for our first pilots in Cambridge.

Key Benefits

We work with space owners to deliver secure bicycle parking. With our hardware, space owners can easily manage bicycle parking with data to avoid the annoying issue of abandoned bikes and to increase the security level of their parking space. We also help them to easily monetise their space for bicycle parking if they are willing to.

For cyclists, they can reserve a lock or find an available lock near them through our app. Our locks are built at the highest security standard (SOLD Diamond rated) and cyclists can use our locks via our mobile APP. Once their bikes are locked with our locks, the bikes are securely protected by us.

Our Sold Secure Diamond-rated locks are insured and have tamper detection. When a lock detects suspicious activity, it will set off an alarm to scare the thieves and notify our user.


Space owners:
Local authorities, private commercial and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and retailers

Cyclists and micro-mobility vehicle riders

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