Smart Data Collection

Collect, access & transfer secured data anytime, anywhere

A dynamic and versatile tool to design and generate customised forms, questionnaires, tables for any type of data collection on the fly.


The user friendly smart application could be integrated with any existing system to facilitate remote access, red flags, reporting & analysis. The customised form generation on a mobile device (mobile phones, tablets etc.) is helpful for users who need to collect various sensitive or personal data away from their own office space. Public sector examples are community nurses, social workers, any domiciliary visits for social or public health purposes, school nurses, A&E, ambulance service or any other government offices where form completion and saving the data electronically is essential. The private sector also uses questionnaires or forms during data gathering like surveys of all types, registration into any organisation, research purposes and many more. Most of these are executed manually with users carrying paper records and then duplicating their efforts by inputting them into the computer, adding travel miles or hours worked in some cases. As newer versions arrive the old printed forms are generally wasted. This green solution helps to create or alter existing forms at the central location and then accessed by authenticated users remotely at the point of delivery. Existing information could be pre-completed to support repetition of questions on general items, like demographics. The application uses smart technology to interact with responses, thus looping or skipping questions which are relevant or irrelevant. Drop down choice boxes with appropriate process protocols support reduce human error in typing text where not needed. Interactive alerts ensure the questionnaires are completed, or red flags are highlighted for urgent action needs. The online version can communicate remotely to the central parent system for immediate data transfer, for analysis and reporting, while the offline version allows encrypted secured data storage and seamless transfer under secured network connections. FEATURES - Customised data entry on user friendly smart touch screens - Alpha numeric, Audio visual or picture data allowed - Intelligent Real Time Communication enabling Remote Consultancy - Bi-Directional Secure, & Confidential Data Transfer - Allows Preventative Care Management - Data Analysis With Priority Alerts - Remote Data Wipe-Off - Stand Alone or Integrated with existing systems - Modular, scalable and adaptable - Not Constraint To Legacy Systems Or Future Advancements BENEFITS - Better User and Client Experience - User-friendly innovative application without altering existing processes - Enable Prompt Action, Removes Duplication & Human errors - Significant Time & Cost Savings - Improved Efficiency with Customised Alerts -Improved Time Management for Users CLIENTS AND EXPERIENCE We have used the tool to support domiciliary visits made by community nurses and GPs for elderly care and chronic condition management. In this case the tool was integrated with GP clinical system.  The process has been approved by the clinical system provider and NHS Wales allowed pilots to get the users’ view. Talks are on-going for use of this tool within Ambulance services, social care and public health. Such a simple tool could also support surveys done via the government, or any other private sector, retail business owners, supermarkets, leisure industry and similar businesses or corporates. SPEED TO DELIVER/ MARKET The application is ready for deployment and we are happy to demonstrate a customised short form or questionnaire to prove the concept to any prospective client.     Some development time would be needed if client wishes to integrate with existing   system/s.  COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES - We seek partners to promote the stand alone application in the UK and other countries - We are happy to partner with private or public sector or distributor companies - We would welcome investors or larger corporate’s partnership to enable wider marketing and sales of this product which has a global appeal.  [a] Access Past Information & Add New Updates: [b] Example of functionalities: [c] Example of reporting types:

Key Benefits

- Improves Time Efficiency, reduce duplication of work - Green solution: reduces printing, waste of previous versions & travel times - Improves preventative action - Improves client experience - Significant Cost Savings

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