People spend too much of their time sense-checking emails, websites and forms - this demo shows how a robot can do the leg-work and provide the key analysis back to you.


The purpose of this asset is to provide a configuration baseline to reduce the effort involved in deploying web crawling and content extraction capabilities into automation deployments.

Illustrates some of the following key capabilities within Kofax RPA.

- Use of the inbuilt ‘headless’ Kofax RPA web browser – No desktops required!
- Low code database interaction (creation & updates, searching/retrieving content etc.)
- Downloading binary content and converting into usable formats
- Use of looping to simplify process design
- Calling and handling web service responses within a robot to support modular design
- Decisions to support process logic
Date conversion and manipulation of text-based content

Key Benefits

Businesses are in a continual race to evolve, this is especially true for companies that are in the business of information. Whether you gather and analyse information to advise or sell to others, use information in-house to maintain a competitive edge, or leverage information in an entirely new and disruptive business model.

Yet many companies rely on manual research, incomplete information gathered from web scraping tools, third-party data and home-grown coding solutions to power this critical piece of their business. This is not only time-consuming and costly but it also hinders scalability, provides reduced data accuracy, standardisation and ultimately results in a diluted customer experience.

There are a wide range of real world applications for automating web data extraction, below is just a snapshot of use cases where Kofax customers are today applying this technology to drive incredible business value.


Market Intelligence
Investor Relations and Corporate Intelligence
Detailed due-diligence
Contract comparison (when target is ECM/documents)
Equity Research
Web Content Migration
Gathering Content Samples for Machine Learning

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