Smart Structural Adhesive

A novel technology to provide quantifiable information on the state of a bond

A Smart Adhesive will provide end users knowledge on the structural health of a bond, the amount of strain it is under and if any damage has occurred.


Smart Adhesive technology will provide information on a bonded joint through simple electrical resistance testing. Specifically, the technology has been experimentally validated to show a change in resistance in response to mechanical and environmental changes. The adhesive may also give information on the structural health on the bond and identify if any permanent damage has occurred. This technology is currently at TRL3 and more development will be required to bring this innovative technology to market. We are looking for partnerships or collaborations with end users for cooperative development of the technology for a specific appropriate application.

Key Benefits

The Smart Adhesive offers a greater understanding of how a bonded joint is performing. End users will know when a joint is under too much mechanical stress, when a joint has been permanently damaged or if it was not properly bonded initially. This type of information will allow for informed decisions regarding a structures health and operation. This will lead to safer structures with less failures as the adhesive will indicate when its safe operating conditions have been exceeded or when a joint needs to be replaced.


So far, this technology has been identified to have 3 major application areas: In-situ Sensor for Structures - The bond can give a quantifiable response to stimulus such as mechanical stress, deformation, pressure, vibration or temperature changes. This may be suitable to aerospace, automotive and marine applications. Bond Fatigue Measurements – Electrical testing of a bond may provide information on the health of the bond, its strength and safety for use. This approach will be suitable for any structural adhesive application. Manufacturing – Due to the simplicity of testing, this adhesive could be used on assemble lines with fast inline resistance tests to ensure every bond is at full strength. This may be suitable to any manufacturing process that involves joining. We are open to any other potential applications of the technology. Please feel free to get in touch to find out more information.

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