The Blings video format, could render the video on the fly, creating a storytelling experience like no one has seen before.


At Blings, we're focused on helping companies increase engagement and retention rates through personalized videos. We've developed the MPFlyer, a new html video technology that renders videos "on the fly", enabling companies for the first time, to convert dynamic data into personalized and interactive videos with no scale limitations.

We base our technology on the edge-computing paradigm, using the end user's computing power to create the video, instead of rendering a magnitude of mp4 videos on our servers. So while the video looks like an MP4 file, it acts like a web page and all the interactions are embedded within the video.

Key Benefits have developed the next-generation of video technology - a new "front-end" video format, revolutionizing the way information can be communicated!! The patented technology uses the computation power of the edge device to create the video, replacing the costly and now irrelevant servers used to render MP4 files. This means that while the video looks like a regular mp4 video, it acts like a webpage.

The main benefits of this breakthrough are that videos can now be personalized, based on specific user data, weigh up to 400kb and be completely interactive. Moreover, dynamic information can now be displayed in real time, and integration is seamless and secure ensuring the data never leaves the clients' servers.


We can help any company that's looking to communicate with their users in a more engaging and effective manner.

Which is why we've worked across many segments, helping companies like Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds, Estee-Lauder, Singapore-Airlines and many more increase conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.

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