An immediate solution to the basic, daily need of all cigarette lovers – an excellent, elegant cigarette lighter that is always around.


Windproof and Flameless

Works even in worst weather conditions!! No need any gas, toxic fluids or chemicals.


misuse and childproof

LOCK / UNLOCK the lighter by 3 quick slides.


USB rechargeable

Recharge your battery from any powered USB port.


replaceable heating coils

A unique mechanism that allows enjoying of a "new product" with every replacement.


We spared no efforts when developing the SMARTLIGHT, choosing the very best professionals in order to create the optimum combination of functionality, comfort and aesthetics. The result is a top quality and fashionable protective case, suitable for all smartphone models - the first in a series of future developments that we are currently working on.

SMARTLIGHT is a patented device being marketed across the world. Because after all, whether you're in Japan or the United States – wouldn't you just love a cigarette?


Key Benefits

Replaceable Heating Coil

Keep enjoying "new lighter" for a long time

An excellent solution for prohibited lighter places - airports, stadiums, etc.

Additional heating coil is included

Safety Mechanisms

Misusing protection - LOCK / UNLOCK the lighter by 3 quick slides

Built-in over heat and short circuit protection - 10 Seconds operating time

Stronger Battery

Light more cigarettes per single charge

Multi-Colored LED

Accurate display of the battery status


A protective case with a prestigious lighter; Innovative & elegant design.
A flameless lighter, safe and easy to use.
Short recharge time.
Works even in worst weather conditions.
Perfect for camping.
Leaves more space in your pockets!
An original & unique gift.


An excellent solution to a daily problem.

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