Smile Reader allows you to see the emotional responses triggered by your marketing material, allowing you to better refine your written content so that it resonates with customers.


With Smile Reader, you can measure how your audience reacts on an emotional level to your written content, advertisements or graphic design before you release your content.

Using Smile Reader you can increase reach, influence engagement and improve the resonance of your marketing materials with your target customers.

Key Benefits

- Convert skimming into consumer engagement.

- See which words or paragraphs evoke which emotional responses with your customers.

- Test your copy and marketing materials before ever releasing them.

- Improve the flow, virality and engagement of your marketing comms.

- Smile Reader displays a graded A-F virality score on your content combining emotional analysis, intensity and engagement


Smile Reader is applicable to any business that wants to better engage their customers, by delivering marketing materials and messages that resonate on an emotional level.

We typically engage with marketing departments in consumer-facing businesses.

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