Customized quit smoking plan social networking of smokers and ex-smokers Innovative safety mechanisms and Battery indicator Deal with the smoking habits one by one.


The app use our patented product - SmartLight (cigarette lighter smartphone case) to collect complete information about the user's smoking habits in a very convenient and effective way and builds a personalized smoking cessation program for each user.
In addition, the app combines social network of smokers and ex-smokers.

The app learns the user's smoking habits:

1. Smoking times.
2. Main smoking places.
3. Smoking habits - driving, coffee, alcohol, society and more.

The Idea behind the method

Deal with the smoking habits one by one and reduce the "boredom cigarettes".
Strengthening “ex-smokers" by becoming mentors for smoking cessation and encourage quitting smoking among smokers who do not have the courage to try.
Presenting updated savings amounts in order to encourage the users to advance to the next level.

Key Benefits

Accessibility, personalization, and how information is collected.


Collecting information and learning smoking habits.
Global adjustment at minimal cost.
Finding a real solution to an existing problem.

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