HydromaxFresh reduces bacterial and organic contamination during processing. It is fully automated, intrinsically safe and offers remote Internet access 24/7.


This innovation uses advanced application technology to reduce bacteria counts and extend shelf-life of fresh produce for presentation as snack food. Examples include onions (whole and diced), peppers, celery sticks, baby carrots and batons, cucumber and fruit. It eliminates bacteria in wash water rendering it safe for disposal and prevents build-up of contamination on processing machinery such as dicing, dewatering and conveyors belts.

Key Benefits

Enhanced food safety.
Extended shelf-life.
Reduced food wastage.
Reduced water usage.
Low energy consumption and low carbon emissions.
Non-hazardous waste water.


Decontamination of:
- Fresh produce during washing
- Recirculating wash water
- Process machinery and wash tanks
- Removal of foam build-up in wash tanks

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