Digitise your business process quickly using Softools platform. Apps capture data, automate processes, enable collaboration in a secure scalable multi device environment


Softools offers speed, advanced technology and simplicity, all in one box enabling business users to digitise their processes with CIO approval because it is secure, scalable and interoperable and can be customised to handle processes that core systems do not support.

From Excel (or Paper) to App in Minutes
You probably have a business process that’s causing you pain. Whether this process lives in Excel, on paper, or a legacy system, any problem process can be tamed and turned into a Softools App.
Softools Web Applications are ready to go - complete with database, profiles, and fully configurable security settings. Our modern user interface comes out-of-the-box for all applications, providing great user experience, without the need to build it.

Best-Practice Solutions
Whether working from home, an office, or on the move, organisations rely on productive teams.
Softools solutions make best-practice your new standard. An easily accessible single-source of information supports the collaboration and governance required to deliver efficiently and consistently.
What’s more, Apps are instantly global, mobile-ready, offline-first and available in any language, keeping your people productive no matter where they are.

Key Benefits

Speed - deploy a solution globally in minutes/hours
Simplicity - Softools platform handles UI, Back End, Security and Automation for the App Builder so they can focus on process and outcomes. The learning curve is rapid, learn in hours.
Technology - Applications work on any modern device, can function offline and can integrate with other systems and emerging technology such as AI


Softools have a wide range of off the shelf applications including
- Performance Management
- Project Management Office
- Risk Management
- Audits/Assessments
- Lean/Opex apps, e.g. Non Conforming Incidents, 8D Problem Solving, GMP Audit, Innovation Management
- Procurement - Supplier onboarding, due diligence / CSR / ESG compliance

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