HAALA is a local solar energy provider of solar installation, development, and O&M services. Specializing in distributed commercial-scale PV, we help clients reduce energy bills.


HAALA is a local solar energy provider offering solar installation, development, and O&M services. With deep market understanding and analytical project development, they specialize in distributed commercial-scale PV. HAALA develops peak-shaving and hybrid solutions to help clients in commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors reduce energy costs and mitigate fuel price risk.

Key Benefits

With a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA), a client will only pay for the solar power generated monthly, comparable to Saudi Electric Company's billing or the consumption using diesel gensets. HAALA oversees cleaning, maintenance, and spare parts, all at no extra cost. Our integrated cleaning robots minimize losses year-round, giving clients clean and reliable energy at cheaper costs.


Our target market consists of clients in the commercial and industrial sector. Bottling facilities and commercial warehouses are excellent examples of energy-intensive consumers with spacious rooftops, making them ideal for solar utilization.

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