This idea will give affordable and easy energy to rural villages to illuminate their area from households, schools, and business areas in rural villages.


This idea will give affordable and easy power to households, schools, and business areas. The system requires low fixed costs, is easily installed and is reliable and pose a very minimal threat to the environment. The project gives a great idea to install streetlights in such areas where there are no lights. By combining the latest LED lighting with solar and battery developments, the project will offer best-in-class, reliable and cost-effective off-grid lighting solutions that can help people from the village meet their growing energy demand and significantly improve the lives of people who currently live in the dark during the night.

Key Benefits

The idea will offer a highly energy-efficient LED solution that is superior to any conventional lighting. The project is committed to providing innovative, meaningful solutions that help increase people’s sense of wellbeing, comfort and safety in the village while saving energy costs and avoiding CO2 emission.


The primary beneficiaries of this idea include households, school learners, small business owners, workers, and all people who travel during the night.

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