These special membranes can separate color, salt and water from wastewater streams. Its use can not only help to recover resources but also to reduce footprint of treatment units r


Wastewater is generated from various manufacturing processes by different industries. The wastewater could be treated using conventional treatment processes to meet discharge standards. However, removing color would be a challenge which is present due to specific constituents.

For e.g. in case of wastewater generated from dye house, RO is commonly used so that product water could be reused. RO produces reject stream having higher salt concentration. This salt from reject cannot be reused easily as it comes out with concentrated color.

The new solution can generate colorless water and salt. Separated dye/pigments can be reused in few cases. Use of the new solution will help to reuse wastewater and load on effluent treatment plant could be reduced up to 40%. Operating costs of the new solution is lower than RO. Use of this solution will not only recover valuable constituents from wastewater (water, salt and dyes) but also reduce the footprint required for the treatment. It could be applied for industries aiming to achieve Recycle and Zero Liquid Discharge of wastewater. The solution could add significant benefits to sectors as Pulp and Paper, Textile, Chemicals, Metals and Minerals.

Key Benefits

Resources as water, salt and other useful constituent could be recovered efficiently. The solution could help industries to achieve Recycle and Zero Liquid Discharge sustainably. Circular economy where waste is reused could be implemented.


1) For industrial sectors: Textile, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Metals and Minerals
2) Recovery of colorless water, salt other constituents for reuse
3) To reduce required capacity of wastewater treatment plant

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