A patented low-frequency sound separation technology designed to process impounded waste coal ash and create two valuable revenue verticals.


SonoAsh turns a traditional waste into a multi-product matrix of useful products. First - SonoAsh determines the calculus of the coal ash ore body. It is the first step in understanding the coal ash impoundment. Once we understand the conditions, the data begins to inform the decisions and optimal starting point for the SonoAsh process at any coal ash impoundment around the world. What we can make from the impounded ash? Every impoundment around the world is unique. Therefore, the SonoAsh process is optimized to determine what products from the multi-product matrix are available from each specific impoundment. Finding the right starting point is a critical first step to extract all the value. Green Cement - The cement industry accounts for roughly 5-8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. This solution offers an alternative to replace up to 30% of the cement ready mixture with an engineered, low carbon coal ash and reduce the associated CO2 emissions by an equal amount. It is the only patented, low-frequency sound application that can process wet, coal ash impoundments which have historically viewed as an unusable waste. Rare Earth Elements - While draining the existing coal ash impoundments, SonoAsh concurrently extracts rare and strategic metals that are well documented to be contained in the coal ash. Rare Earth elements are essential for the manufacturing of wind turbines, solar panels, strategic defence initiatives and are essential to our modern technological advancements.

Key Benefits

Reducing carbon emissions in the cement manufacturing processs by up to 30% and mining rare and strategic metals for modern day technological advancement in a closed loop, emissions free, environmentally sustainable way.


Coal Power utilities and its associated coal ash impoundments along with regional and local environmental authorities.

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