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Spott - Inspire Consumers, Spark Sales

Only Spott allows marketers to turn their content strategy (pictures & videos) into a lead generating channel. Spott is a SaaS platform with a pay as you go business model.


The marketing landscape is changing from push marketing to pull marketing. This implies that marketers can no longer just "push" advertising onto consumers, they use "pull" marketing in order to engage with their audience. Content is very often the central pillar in any "pull" marketing strategy. Content works very well on inspiration/attention, but does not always score well on the other stages in the AIDA funnel (attention-interest-desire-action). There is a friction between inspiration & action today. This is the friction Spott wants to take away, by creating a seamless experience between inspiration & action. On any device, on any channel. With all the data available for the marketer, so he understands what is working in his content strategy. This leads to an increase in conversion rate of more than 20% and an increase in average order value of more than 10%.

Key Benefits

Increase conversion linked to content/marketing strategy. Increase average order value linked to content/marketing strategy. Increase insights linked to content/marketing strategy.


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