SS Repeater is a new innovation repeater, portable and free energy. This repeater tackles the problem of low signal quality both in urban areas such as in buildings.


SS Repeater is a new innovation repeater, portable and free energy. This repeater tackles the problem of low signal quality both in urban areas such as in buildings and in rural areas with minimal cellphone signal. This repeater can work at a frequency of 850 Mhz-2.4Ghz to 5 Ghz. Free energy and portable repeaters with small dimensions (1 x 2 x 10 cm) are easy to carry and do not require energy input, making this repeater a solution to the problem of lack of quality and signal coverage that we often hear today.
This repeater uses a new innovation in electromagnetic induction, namely the Multi Wires method and the PEMF (potential Electro Motion Force) method. The Multi Wires method increases the flexibility of electrons in electromagnetic induction and the innovative PEMF method increases the reactivity of electrons in electromagnetic induction as well as amplification similar to a magnetron in radar in increasing signal reception.
The 4x50 dB gain (from no signal to full visible signal on the smart phone monitor) and the coverage area of up to 50 meters this repeater in addition to increasing signal intensity also improves signal quality by reducing the bit error rate by up to 60% reducing ping to 70% (from 105 ms to 40 ms based on testing) and also stabilizes the data rate by reducing the ripple signal as well as reducing battery usage by up to 60%.
This repeater works on GSM, 3G, HSPA, 4G to 5G, works on all providers and all kinds wireless interconnection both indoors and outdoors using PEMF technology and Multi Wires antenna which makes it 40 dB more sensitive than ordinary antennas which makes it able to capture signals when the smartphone is no longer able to sense the presence of a telecommunication signal.
These two innovations make a repeater that is free energy, small in dimension, 40dB higher in sensitivity than the existing repeater with a selling price of $4, making this repeater superior to other repeaters. Similar technologies that exist require at least 5 repeaters which are large dimensions, are not portable and require more than 100 watts for operation at a price of more than $200 but with a lower sensitivity of 40 dB. This technology is better at dealing with current signal and data problems.
Besides being able to overcome the problem of student distance learning connection in the current area, this technology is able to overcome signal problems in urban buildings and if 5G technology is still applied which requires an LOS (Line Of Sight) connection for capacity, this repeater is able to maintain its transmission capacity even though it is in room.

Key Benefits

Free energy, small and powerful.


Increase quality os signal and service in wireless networking.

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