Helping FMCG brands and leading high-street retailers win new customers and insight via secure, app-free, sustainable and contactless digital store coupons


At Zappit, we have re-imagined store coupons, allowing brands to reach consumers across popular online and offline marketing channels, driving sales to their brick and mortar retail partners.

Our end-to-end digital couponing solution helps fast-track sales and insight, delivering savings to new customers.

Key Benefits

- Win incremental customers, drive foot-fall, grow media revenue and access untapped data
- App-free, frictionless and mobile-first customer experience
- Barcode can't be screenshot, shared or tampered with (patent pending)
- Coupon collection and redemption attributed back to customer
- Access 1st party opt-in customer data and insight
- Swift integration at till and apps via secure API's
- Zappit is the UK's leading digital coupon solution working with household brands and retailers


- Customer services and carelines
- Brand funded promotions
- Enhance loyalty proposition
- Drive online/social audience to physical stores
- Integrate with online and ATL marketing strategy

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