Elastomeric dielectrics to engineer robust, intrinsically stretchable transistors that can be integrated into a range of flexible devices with moving parts.


Background: Researchers in Prof. Zhenan Bao’s laboratory have employed elastomeric dielectrics to engineer robust, intrinsically stretchable transistors that can be integrated into a range of flexible devices with moving parts. These transistors can be fabricated over large areas using efficient solution methods such as spraycoating and spincoating. Furthermore, the elastomeric dielectric provides transistors with faster response speed, greater environmental stability and better mechanical robustness than conventional ion gels. The resulting devices can accommodate complex movement in robotics, prosthetic or wearable electronics applications; can conform to uneven surfaces in sensor arrays or displays; and can enhance robustness of mobile phones, tablets or other flexible devices. Experimental results from stretchable organic transistors with elastic conductors and dielectrics after an initial “programming” cycle that causes the formation of microcracks in the semiconductor. The change in mobility with strain follows the same trend in different stretching directions.   Stage of Research: The inventors have fabricated a working stretchable device with organic transistors that can be stretched up to 250% strain while maintaining electrical properties - several times larger strain than previous reports.   Applications: Conformal electronics integrated on moving objects such as: wearable electronics biomedical devices, prosthetics and bio-integrated devices flexible displays - including mobile phones, tablets and large displays over uneven surfaces robotics - electronic skin and skin sensors sensor arrays   Advantages: Stretchable and mechanically robust - intrinsically stretchable components can withstand up to 250% strain while maintaining the transistor characteristics Low cost, scalable fabrication - efficient solution methods including spraycoating and spincoating enables fabrication of large areas for applications such as sensor arrays and displays Advantages of elastomer dielectric over ion gels - air stable, faster response time and better mechanical robustness   Publications: Chortos, A., Lim, J., To, J. W., Vosgueritchian, M., Dusseault, T. J., Kim, T. H., ... & Bao, Z. (2014). Highly stretchable transistors using a microcracked organic semiconductor. Advanced Materials, 26(25), 4253-4259. Stretchable device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus including stretchable device (U.S. Patent Application, Publication No. 20150280129) Related Web Links Bao Lab Innovators & Portfolio Zhenan Bao   more technologies from Zhenan Bao » Alex Chortos   more technologies from Alex Chortos » Sung Woo Hwang    Tae Ho Kim     

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