Structuring Unstructured Data

We help turn your unstructured data into structured readable datasets

Our SaaS offering helps firms work turn their internal and external unstructured information into structured readable datasets bringing control and efficiency to data processing.


Using this approach businesses can: -Create proprietary, useful, structured datasets from any source, no matter how messy or unstructured it might be -Produce accurate, unbiased training data for the development of machine learning algorithms -Enrich, clean, map and monitor their datasets in detail and at scale, without burdening their teams with manual work -Make informed decisions using aggregated opinion or sentiment, or combine the expertise of their staff/external expert network to elicit probabilistic predictions of variables they care about

Key Benefits

One of our main goals is to help firms grasp and wrangling the wealth of data they are currently generating. By better understanding this data it can very often influence corporate strategy, customer engagement and create new revenue channels for the business. At Hivemind, we help bring transparency and efficiency to these data processing workflows. Our software was built within a quantitative hedge fund with a goal of enabling senior staff to spend more time analyzing data instead of time on data cleaning, mapping and enrichment tasks.


Internal applications of the software range from back & middle office handling invoicing and research to the front office team helping with the management of CRM's. When dealing with external data Hivemind is a tool to better orchestrate the human resources around the data cleaning, mapping and enrichment process.

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