The present invention provides for an allergen test that is rapid, accurate, precise, and affordable.


While anion sensors have made significant advances, relatively few selective, naked eye, water-soluble sensors exist. Here, a novel anion sensor displays a substantial color loss upon addition of sodium sulfite in pure water. The sensor shows a ten percent decrease in the lowest absorption band upon the addition of 0.84 ppm sodium sulfite. In addition to its capabilities as a sensor, the molecule provides an ability to label food, wine, and cider products with the actual sulfites concentration.

Key Benefits

• Does not require (like other test strips currently available) pH adjustment with hazardous sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide, the use of a pH meter, flammable activated charcoal.
• More accurate, reproducible, and precise (i.e. standard deviation = 0.01) than other test strips.
• Test is rapid, affordable, and accurate within a large range of sulfites concentration, from 0.84 ppm to over 10,000 ppm.

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