A syntax checking calculator dramatically reducing errors.

Automatically corrects errors in mathematical syntax.


Calculators are used to get the right answer when you don’t know what that answer should be. Unfortunately if you make any slip in a calculation, you simply get the wrong answer. While this may be merely inconvenient for many, in a safety critical environment (such as a hospital — in radiotherapy or drug dosing) numerical errors can be fatal. This invention is a next generation general-purpose calculator that automatically corrects errors in mathematical syntax (something like a spell or grammar checker in a document) so that the conclusion is always consistent with the input. Numbers and equations are written freehand using everyday notation and are automatically recognised and formatted in a mathematically correct manner. Although input errors can still occur, the format makes them instantly recognisable and the invention makes them extremely easy to correct. In trials, a 60% pass rate using conventional calculators (for maths exams) was increased to 100% A patent has been granted; other patent applications are pending

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