A lithium-free, mechanically flexible device that can act as a supercapacitor, as a battery, or as a combination of the two.


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The development of rechargeable energy storage systems that have both high energy and power densities, as well as long cycling life, is of great importance as these devices would have widespread use in a number of important applications, including electric vehicles, smart electrical grids, miniaturized electronic/optoelectronic devices, wearables, etc.

As such, the development of rechargeable supercapacitor-battery hybrid devices (which have two different charge storage mechanisms – electrical double layer and faradaic reaction) has attracted enormous attention as these devices have the potential to combine the advantages of both supercapacitors and batteries while addressing many of their limitations.

The Queen’s University supercapacitor-battery hybrid energy storage device is lithium-free, mechanically flexible, rechargeable, and can operate as a supercapacitor, as a battery, or as a combination of the two. When operated as a combination, the device can be charged quickly like a supercapacitor and discharged over longer periods of time like a battery. Utilizing carbon-based electrodes and a vanadium electrolyte, this device does not have the same safety issues that are experienced with lithium ion batteries.

Key Benefits

Rapid charging capability
High energy content
High power density
Cost-effective materials and manufacturing
Low environmental impact
Excellent cycling life, capacity fading can be fully restored by a charge-discharge protocol
Operation as supercapacitor, battery, or both


Electric vehicles, wearable electronics, smart electrical grids, miniaturized electronic/optoelectronic devices, etc.

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