Pulsed electric fields & oscillating magnetic fields keep water molecules vibrating even below freezing points. Inhibits icing, no thawing. Demonstrated on meat, fish, fruit, veg.


Extending the shelf-life of food reduces waste and economic loss. Refrigerated food maintains texture, quality, and nutritional value for only a relatively short period of time before spoilage. Freezing preserves food longer, but causes irreversible damage to quality, texture, moisture content and nutritional value. Ice formation degrades food quality. Novel supercooling technology developed at the University of Hawaii prevents ice crystal formation, maintains quality, freshness, and extends storage time for diverse products.

Key Benefits

Prolonged shelf life of perishable products while maintaining overall quality
Non-freezing method; prevents ice crystallization
Freshness qualities maintained for weeks
No thawing required
Reduces food waste and associated financial loss
Energy savings with pulsating field emissions, compared to commercial freezers


Food preservation
Extend shelf life of fresh food
Food storage

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